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Sampler : Electronic Saviours


Electronic Saviours

CD1-01 SMP - Stay Sick
CD1-02 Stromkern - Notes From A War
CD1-03 Boole - Smoking Gun
CD1-04 Interface - Never Say Farewell
CD1-05 Chemlab - Solar Max (The Jimmy Semtex Coil)
CD1-06 Bow Ever Down - Goodbye
CD1-07 Gothsicles, The - Jim, Let Me Know When You Can Drink Again (Extreme Party Stylezz)
CD1-08 Terrorfakt - Painkiller
CD1-09 16 Volt - Things Unkind
CD1-10 Rein[Forced] - Malignancy (Pancreatitis Mix)
CD1-11 Ego Likeness - Save Your Serpent (Light As A Feather Mix)
CD1-12 Burikusu!!! - 7 Dimensional
CD1-13 Inure - Rapture
CD1-14 Cesium 137 - Endure (Encoder Mix)
CD1-15 Cyanotic - Axiome (Post-Affliction Version Feat. 16 Volt)
CD1-16 Silent Auction - Deliverance
CD1-17 Terror Firma Sky - Cancerous Catalyst Converter

CD2-01 Dark Clan, The - Beat It, Kill It
CD2-02 Azoic, The - Search And Destroy (Savior Version)
CD2-03 genCAB - Version 2 (Aesthetic Perfection Mix)
CD2-04 Christ Analogue - The Fight
CD2-05 Prometheus Burning - Malignant Disco
CD2-06 Boxed Warning - Run First
CD2-07 Assemblage 23 - Impermanence (Flight AC-112 Mix)
CD2-08 I:Scintilla - From A Wasteland To A Dream
CD2-09 Imperative Reaction - Giving In To The Change (Assemblage 23 Mix)
CD2-10 ThouShaltNot - Sick
CD2-11 Combichrist - Nosepad
CD2-12 Sonik Foundry - Stigmata
CD2-13 Xuberx - Fear Is Fear
CD2-14 Mindless Faith - Into The Wind
CD2-15 Cyber Strukture - Some Sorta Rhythmic Machine
CD2-16 vircon - Count Backwards From Ten
CD2-17 Jordan Decay - The Great War

CD3-01 Deathline Int'l - Breaking
CD3-02 Encoder featuring Jimmy Semtex And Patricia Wake - Jim’s Song
CD3-03 Vicious Alliance - Right Beside You (Save Me Now Mix)
CD3-04 Backandtotheleft - Maybe Today
CD3-05 Nachtmahr - Katharsis (Purification Mix)
CD3-06 Null Device - Under The Gun (Immune Response Mix)
CD3-07 Suicide Commando - Until We Die (Winter Edit)
CD3-08 Agnes Wired For Sound - Don’t Worry (We’ll Meet Up Again)
CD3-09 System Syn - Blood (2009 Edit)
CD3-10 Acumen Nation - The Juice Of Rotted Fruit
CD3-11 Aesthetic Perfection - The Ones (genCAB Mix)
CD3-12 Dismantled - Not Me
CD3-13 FGFC820 - Children Of Decay (Northborne Mix)
CD3-14 Everything Goes Cold - I've Sold Your Organs On The Black Market To Finance The Purchase Of A Used Minivan (I Don't Want Those Organs If There's Cancer In Them Mix)
CD3-15 Leæther Strip - The Scalpel Song (Neoplasm Edit)
CD3-16 Mordacious - Sleeping Beauty
CD3-17 Flesh Field - Detritus Of Reason

CD4-01 Noisuf-X - White Noise (Gift Mix)
CD4-02 Hardwire - I Am Forever
CD4-03 Atomica Project, The - Transmission
CD4-04 Massiv In Mensch featuring Mind.In.A.Box - Supermassive Gravity (Endanger Mix)
CD4-05 SD6 - Free (Interface Mix)
CD4-06 Obscenity Trial - Here And Now (Banging Mix By XP8)
CD4-07 Alter Der Ruine vs. Premeditated Light - Dawn
CD4-08 NoLongerHuman - Survival
CD4-09 Iris - Imposter (ThouShaltNot Remix)
CD4-10 Debutante - Alive
CD4-11 Andraculoid - You Tried To Kill Me, But I Killed You First
CD4-12 Deviant UK - Access Denied (Rotersand Mix)
CD4-13 Hypefactor - The Sweetest Soul (Rex Mix)
CD4-14 Freezepop - Duct Tape My Heart (Chinese Theatre Remix)
CD4-15 Spahn Ranch - In The Aftermath (Moroder Mix)
CD4-16 Caustic - Jim Made Cancer His Bitch

MP3-01 Wreckcreation - Incomplete Me (Remix)
MP3-02 Borderlines - Visualization
MP3-03 AimOniA - Three
MP3-04 Beloved Dead - Twist Of Fate
MP3-05 Derek C. F. Pegritz - Please Let Me Go
MP3-06 Molecule Party - Riser
MP3-07 Patricia Wake - Peaceful Shores
MP3-08 Neurobash - Left 4 Dead
MP3-09 Jon Zaremba - The Best Way To Tear Anything Down Is To Blast!
MP3-10 Less Like Flesh - Virus Free
MP3-11 EVP - Schrödinger
MP3-12 Surviving The Odyssey - Dissolving The Sanity
MP3-13 Retar-D2 - Extra Lives!
MP3-14 Hose Face, The - Dread
MP3-15 Sachem Orenda - Evident Product Of Effort
MP3-16 TowerOpensFire - With Heavy Hands



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